Welcome to CuTLi 2017

The workshop Current Trends in Linguistics takes place at the University of HamburgĀ  from January 21st to 22nd 2017.

We, Richard Bonnie, Lijun Li, Eliane Lorenz and Sharareh Rahbari, are PhD students of Prof. Dr. Peter Siemund with the aim of bringing together the work of well-known researchers (external and internal) with that of local PhD and graduate students. We would like to express our profoundest gratitude to Prof. Siemund for giving us the idea and the title of the workshop, his generous support as well as his inspiring guidance and encouragement throughout the organization. By hosting the workshop, we wish to create an inspiring atmosphere with room for fruitful discussions, valuable critique and stimulating conversations among senior and junior researchers. Please join us and take this opportunity to meet with colleagues from many different universities, various linguistic backgrounds and who, just like you, are concerned with issues of current trends in linguistics.